About Us

Diversity and singularity are our guiding principles.
Our approach is tailored and unique to each project.

  • Collective

    Sonic Gate Studios is a collective of multi-disciplinary artists specialising in music and audio creation, and production, based in various countries across Europe, Asia, and the USA. Operating in Dublin, Barcelona, London, Stuttgart, Brussels, The Hague, Kuala Lumpur, and Boston, our internationally-recognised and multi award-winning team primarily engages with visual media, concert music, audio production and installation work, streamlining and centralising all aspects of the production process under one roof. The cultural and musical diversity at Sonic Gate Studios enables us to cater to a broad array of creative projects and musical genres, bringing forth a truly unique vision and approach.

  • Philosophy

    At Sonic Gate Studios, finding the most effective way of musically conveying the emotion and narrative of your project is our guiding philosophy and foremost commitment.  Our diverse team of practitioners are driven by a desire to ‘think outside the box’, approaching each brief with fresh minds and ears.  This enables us to bring your work to life in a unique way, ensuring it has a memorable and specific identity, brand and tone.  Transparency and clear communication are at the heart of our organisational principles, ensuring we can best serve you and your creative vision.

  • Sociocultural Engagement

    Our diverse team of creatives hail from all corners of the globe, which means we have a unique perspective on the multitude of creative and musical processes, methodologies and conventions practiced around the world.  This comprehensive understanding allows us to curate our services in a distinctly individual way, ensuring we meet the specific requirements of each new project to the highest possible standard, from initial concepts all the way through to final production and execution.

  • Methodology

    At Sonic Gate Studios, we recognise that each brief and project is different, in the same way that each client is distinctly individual. The comprehensive array of services we offer means we can provide end-to-end sonic and music production solutions, meeting your every need all under one roof.  The key lies in the flexibility of our multi-disciplinary team, both in creativity and workflow, which enables us to meet any and all deadlines and deliver you a product of the highest professional standard.

Guillaume Auvray
Conductor | Orchestrator | Interactive & VR Specialist
Nestor Romero Clemente
Nestor Romero Clemente
Composer | Orchestrator | Arranger | Filmmaker
Caterina Schembri
Caterina Schembri
Composer | Orchestrator | Arranger | Music Supervisor | Music Prep
Matan Franco
Composer | Orchestrator | Music Supervisor | Music Prep | Conductor
Eduardo Prado
Composer | Producer | Sound Engineer | Sound Designer | Arranger
Jan Pfitzer
Jan Pfitzer
Composer | Sound-Designer | Multi-Disciplinary Artist
여하경 – Haku Yeo
Composer | Orchestrator | Music Producer
Rekha Raveenderen
Composer | Orchestrator | Arranger | Producer
Ciarán O’Floinn
Composer | Orchestrator | Arranger | Music Supervisor
Jeremy Plott
Composer | Orchestrator | Music Supervisor | Score Prep
Robert Taylor
Composer | Conductor | Orchestrator
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